The Land Mine Awareness Campaign

The Land Mine Awareness Campaign developed by MENA Minds for United Nation Military Observers (UNMAS) addressed a critical issue plaguing conflict zones across the Middle East. Land mines and wartime remnants pose life-threatening risks to rural communities, and there was an urgent need for comprehensive awareness measures. To address this, UNMAS collaborated with MENA Minds, which tailored an impactful social campaign to educate these vulnerable populations.

The strategy

The strategy employed by MENA Minds was multifaceted. Firstly, they focused on customized outreach that included developing culturally sensitive educational materials in local dialects and idioms. This approach was coupled with partnerships with village elders, religious leaders, and community representatives to ensure the campaign’s reach was both broad and deeply rooted within communities. To further increase the impact, MENA Minds also deployed mobile education units that visited remote areas. These units hosted hands-on training sessions and distributed educational materials.

The campaign was executed in several key phases. Initial efforts involved a needs assessment phase that included conducting surveys and field visits to understand the communities most at risk and their specific educational needs. The following phase involved the development of crucial educational materials, such as leaflets, posters, and videos that offered key safety tips and vigilance measures. Once these materials were developed, MENA Minds initiated the implementation phase, deploying mobile education units and hosting community workshops across the targeted conflict zones. The final phase involved continuous monitoring and feedback to adapt the campaign's effectiveness in real-time.

The results

The results were ground-breaking. The campaign successfully reached over 2,000,000 individuals across multiple rural communities. A post-campaign assessment showed an 80% increase in knowledge about the identification and safe reporting of land mines among the targeted demographics. Even more encouraging was the 45% reduction in land mine-related incidents in the targeted areas within just six months of the campaign’s launch. Community ownership of the campaign was also fostered through the establishment of local “Vigilance Committees,” ensuring its sustainability. The campaign even received international recognition, being nominated for several awards for its innovative and impactful approach.


Testimonials from both UNMAS and community leaders attest to the campaign's life-changing impact. Lt. Col. Sarah Wilson of UNMAS stated that MENA Minds’ campaign was "not only educational but life-saving," while Ahmed Al-Najjar, a village elder from Syria, said, "This campaign has been a lifeline for our community. We are more informed and vigilant than ever before."

In conclusion, MENA Minds' Land Mine Awareness Campaign for UNMAS sets a new standard for socially impactful campaigns. By leveraging cultural insights, local partnerships, and innovative educational methods, it empowered rural communities in some of the most challenging environments to lead safer lives. The campaign stands as a beacon for what can be achieved when strategic insight is coupled with social responsibility.