Samsung's Back, You Take the Track!

360-degree marketing campaign that included social media

In a pivotal time for Samsung in the Levant region, where the brand faced dwindling market share and a decline in consumer trust, Manaf Bilal, the charismatic founder of MENA Minds, saw an opportunity for a transformational comeback. Assembling a team of market researchers, creatives, and digital strategists, We initiated the campaign called " Samsung's Back, You Take the Track!

Understanding the importance of a localized approach, MENA Minds produced a series of compelling ad films, radio clips, billboards and newspapers ads, each narrating a local story brought to life by Samsung technology. These material showcased the brand's impact on everyday lives, whether it was preserving cherished recipes from a grandmother in Beirut or reconnecting long-lost friends in Amman.

Samsung's Back, You Take the Track!

Not settling for just shallow coverage, MENA Minds orchestrated a 360-degree marketing campaign that included social media, billboards, radio spots, and in-store installations.

The campaign was officially launched with a grand event in Beirut, featuring live simulcasts in Damascus, Amman, and Aleppo.

The results were nothing short of phenomenal. Within weeks, consumer engagement had increased by 45% and Samsung's market share in the Levant showed a double-digit growth. The social media landscape was flooded with positive testimonials and the campaign's now-iconic hashtag # Samsung's Back, You Take the Track! became a local sensation.

Performance reports and news clippings were spread across the table, painting a picture of a highly successful campaign. The phone buzzed—a message from Samsung’s regional director, simply stating, "You did the impossible." With a sense of deep gratification filling the room, it was evident that MENA Minds had not only revitalized a major brand but had also set a new gold standard in the advertising landscape of the Levant.

successful campaign

As the sun set on this successful campaign, it was clear that it would rise again on new opportunities and a future full of endless possibilities. The client's happiness couldn't be overstated; Samsung had regained its position as a market leader, and the ripple effects promised a long-lasting partnership.