Pfizer's Corporate Presence

MENA Minds Elevates Pfizer's Corporate Presence in Iraq Through a Masterful PR Campaign

In an environment where pharmaceutical giants often face skepticism, establishing a positive corporate image is crucial. This is especially true in regions that are both politically complex and culturally diverse, such as Iraq. Faced with this unique set of challenges, Pfizer sought to enhance its corporate reputation in the country and turned to MENA Minds to bring its vision to life.

Understanding the critical nature of the endeavour, MENA Minds decided to focus on a PR campaign that would amplify Pfizer's corporate values of innovation, community, and integrity, without highlighting any specific product lines. The objective was clear: to create a multifaceted narrative that would resonate deeply with the Iraqi public while adhering strictly to the global ethical standards set by Pfizer.

MENA Minds leveraged a blend of traditional and digital media channels to maximize reach and impact. A series of thought-leadership articles penned by healthcare professionals were published in reputable Iraqi newspapers, focusing on Pfizer's commitment to research and innovation. Simultaneously, a robust social media campaign showcased testimonials from local healthcare organizations that had benefited from Pfizer’s community outreach programs.

Partnerships and Community Outreach

To put a spotlight on Pfizer’s value of community, MENA Minds initiated partnerships with local educational institutions. Pfizer-sponsored scholarships were announced for aspiring medical students, while well-attended seminars at local universities emphasized the importance of ethics and innovation in healthcare, subtly reinforcing Pfizer's own values.


The campaign resulted in an overwhelming increase in Pfizer’s corporate reputation within Iraq. The carefully crafted messages around the company’s values resonated with the target audience, leading to significant media coverage and positive social media sentiment. Pfizer's internal metrics showed an uptick in brand favourability, and acceptance.


Through strategic planning, flawless execution, and an unerring focus on Pfizer's corporate values, MENA Minds succeeded in enhancing Pfizer's corporate image in Iraq. This successful PR campaign not only solidified MENA Minds' reputation for delivering results in challenging markets but also laid the groundwork for a long-term partnership with Pfizer, opening doors for further collaborations.