Oxfam Campaign

OXFAM’s Remarkable Social Distancing Campaign by MENA Minds


OXFAM, a globally renowned non-profit organization, dedicated to ending poverty, found itself amidst a formidable challenge when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Social distancing, a crucial factor in mitigating the virus's spread, was not as widespread in many Middle Eastern countries. To address this, OXFAM collaborated with MENA Minds, a leading agency specializing in socially impactful campaigns. The resulting social distancing initiative was ground-breaking, influencing millions and helping to curb the virus's spread in the region.


1. To educate people in Middle Eastern countries about the importance of social distancing. 2. To facilitate the widespread adoption of social distancing measures. 3. To foster community resilience and empowerment amidst the pandemic.


MENA Minds developed a multi-pronged strategy that included:

1. Digital Engagement: A series of compelling digital advertisements and posts shared via social media platforms to reach a broad audience.
2. Localized Messaging: Collaboration with local influencers and religious leaders to ensure the campaign resonated culturally and emotionally.
3. On-the-Ground Activation: Placing social distancing floor markers, posters, and billboards in highly frequented public spaces such as markets and transportation hubs.
4. Interactive Platforms: Creation of an interactive website with real-time statistics, educational videos, and downloadable resources.

MENA Minds rolled out the campaign in phases across all Middle East countries and the results were phenomenal:

Audience Reach: The campaign reached over 50 million people across the Middle East.
Behavioural Change: Survey data showed a 60% increase in the adoption of social distancing measures among the target demographic.
Community Engagement: Over 10,000 people actively shared their stories and tips, adding a rich, community-driven aspect to the campaign.
Government Collaboration: Several governmental bodies in the Middle East incorporated the campaign into their public health advisories.
Global Recognition: The campaign received accolades from international organizations for its effectiveness and cultural sensitivity.


_"The MENA Minds’ campaign has been an absolute game-changer. The way they localized the message allowed it to resonate deeply within our communities."
— Hala Kamil, Public Health Advisor, OXFAM

_"We couldn’t have asked for a more impactful campaign. It’s been monumental in helping us combat the spread of the virus."
— Sheikh Ahmad Al-Qattan, Minister of Health, Kuwait