Noreen Hafez

AI / Blockchain MIND

15 years in driving transformative changes in the dynamic worlds of marketing

Noreen is a strategic leader with an impressive track record spanning over 15 years in driving transformative changes in the dynamic worlds of marketing, advertising, A/V, broadcast media, Blockchain/Web3, and AI. With a rich tapestry of experience, she has carved out a niche as a Global Marketing Executive known for her unparalleled expertise in go-to-market strategies, positioning, and intricate product launches.

Diving deeper into her accomplishments, her tenure at Algorand, a premier blockchain entity, saw her spearhead initiatives in marketing strategy, content creation, competitive analysis, and establishing influential partner programs. Her leadership was further illuminated during her eight-year tenure at Fortune 500 giant, Akamai, as the head of global product marketing. Overseeing a vast $2.4B portfolio in the media and gaming sectors, Noreen’s team was the driving force behind award-winning product launches. She led the creation of value propositions, campaign strategies, global field enablement, content creation, competitive analysis, and conference content among other things steering corporate-wide global initiative, contributing to substantial growth and margin acceleration.

She has showcased her multifaceted skills at industry powerhouses like Microsoft, where she solidified her stature in product marketing. A significant milestone in Noreen's journey was her establishment of the Director of Product Management and Marketing role at one of the largest online advertising network at the time, Burst Media. Her contributions were instrumental in the success of the network that was listed on the UK Stock Exchange, and the subsequent acquisition by UK-based Blinkx Media (now RhythmOne).

Her commitment to blockchain and emerging technologies is unwavering. As an advisor at Blockchain Founders Fund and an active participant at SheFi, a Web3 education and community platform, she underscores her dedication to nurturing and growing the tech frontier. Her consultancy encompasses a wide spectrum, from global SaaS to AI and Blockchain startups across diverse sectors, including NFTs, eCommerce, A/V, and sustainability.

Noreen's leadership is further highlighted in her successful story telling ability. She’s not just an executive; she's a visionary, known for her collaborative acumen. With her in the mix, teams are forged, alliances are built, and sales and corporate marketing entities are empowered.

Beyond the corporate realm, Noreen's values social change. She actively advises multiple non-profits, expanding their reach and magnifying their impact within their communities.

Noreen is an invaluable blend of strategist, visionary, and executor. Her diverse and prolific experience, paired with her strategic prowess, positions her as a linchpin in any global business, consistently driving growth and success.