NIDO Milk Powder Activation

MENA Minds’ Successful Mall Activation Program for NIDO Powder Milk

MENA Minds was faced with the task of executing a mall activation program for NIDO, a brand under the Nestlé umbrella, in Saudi Arabia. Operating within the stringent guidelines and regulations set by Nestlé, MENA Minds devised and executed a campaign that not only met but exceeded the client's expectations. This case study explores the strategies, challenges, and outcomes of this successful venture.

Given that the primary consumers are families with young children, MENA Minds selected high-footfall malls in key cities across Saudi Arabia.

Nutritionists were on-site to discuss the health benefits of incorporating NIDO into a child’s diet.

Also an interactive play area kept children entertained while parents engaged with the brand.

Stringent quality checks were made to ensure all activities were compliant with Nestlé’s strict health and safety regulations. The team also adhered to Nestlé's brand guidelines, from the colour schemes to the type of engagements conducted.


Despite the challenges posed by Nestlé's strict standards and regulations, MENA Minds successfully executed a mall activation program that achieved all objectives, from increasing brand awareness and consumer engagement to driving sales in the Saudi market. The campaign not only reinforced MENA Minds' reputation for excellence but also fortified a lasting relationship with Nestlé, paving the way for future collaborations.