Huawei Call Center

In a business landscape where rapid responsiveness and customer engagement are paramount, Huawei's Mobile Division faced a pressing challenge in Egypt. The need for a full-scale call center was urgent to enhance customer support and optimize business operations. In came MENA Minds, an agency known for executing large-scale projects with precision and efficiency. Within a mere five weeks, MENA Minds not only met but exceeded expectations by establishing a comprehensive call center with 100 operators, thereby transforming Huawei's customer service experience in Egypt.

The Execution

MENA Minds immediately undertook a deep dive into the project's requirements, challenges, and opportunities. Time was of the essence, but the agency’s expertise in agile project management and its vast network of resources came to the fore. Prioritizing tasks, MENA Minds quickly identified potential sites, secured necessary infrastructural needs, and initiated an accelerated recruitment process. All these aspects were expertly handled, ensuring that not a single minute was wasted.

The agency moved beyond traditional recruitment methods by leveraging advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to find candidates with the optimal skill set. A robust training regimen was developed in tandem with the recruitment phase, aiming to equip the new hires with Huawei-specific knowledge and customer service excellence. MENA Minds also collaborated closely with Huawei’s internal teams to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and align the call center’s operations with the broader corporate strategy.

Within five weeks, the center was not just operational but thriving. Featuring 100 well-trained operators managing a multitude of channels—from voice calls to web chats and social media interactions—the call center became an immediate asset to Huawei's customer engagement plan. What was particularly impressive was the high degree of operational efficiency achieved in such a short period. The call center quickly began to show an upward trend in customer satisfaction scores, and it reduced average waiting times dramatically, thereby exceeding the initial project expectations.

The project’s success garnered praise from top management at Huawei. “MENA Minds did not just deliver a call center; they delivered a full-scale customer engagement hub within an unbelievable timeframe. Their understanding of both technology and human resources is unparalleled,” said Ahmed El-Sayed, Director of Customer Service at Huawei Egypt.


In conclusion, MENA Minds’ achievement in establishing a 100-operator call center for Huawei in Egypt within just five weeks is a testament to the agency’s exceptional capabilities in project management and strategic implementation. The endeavor serves as a sterling example of how focused planning, timely execution, and a deep understanding of client needs can lead to remarkable outcomes, even against tight deadlines.