Exxon mobil social media campaign

In an increasingly globalized marketplace, adapting a worldwide marketing strategy to resonate with local audiences is no small feat. For Exxon Mobil's Lubricant Business, the task at hand was to localize their global social media campaign for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region—a demographic diverse in culture, language, and consumer behavior. MENA Minds, renowned for its nuanced understanding of the region, took up the challenge and delivered a campaign that was not only highly localized but also achieved record-breaking success, earning accolades from Exxon Mobil’s top management.

The Execution

Understanding the intricacies of the MENA market, MENA Minds began by conducting an exhaustive audit of the original campaign. They dissected its core messages, visual elements, and target audience personas. After identifying key components that would resonate with the local audience, the agency then integrated region-specific language, cultural references, and customer pain points. The goal was to ensure that the campaign was as relatable to a business owner in Dubai as it was to an industrial worker in Cairo.

MENA Minds also knew that effective localization was not merely a matter of translation but required a reimagining of the campaign’s core elements. The agency thus involved local influencers, community leaders, and industry experts in a variety of engaging content pieces that ranged from testimonials to how-to videos and interactive webinars. These localized assets were then strategically disseminated across multiple social media platforms, targeting the diverse user base in the MENA region.

The campaign was an immediate hit. Within a month of its launch, engagement rates soared, and the campaign reached millions of users across the region. Customer inquiries spiked by 40%, and the Lubricant Business saw a notable uptick in sales figures. Even more impressive were the customer satisfaction metrics, which indicated a strong resonance with the localized messaging and visuals.

But perhaps the greatest measure of the campaign's success came in the form of praise from Exxon Mobil’s top management. "MENA Minds has not only localized but essentially owned the campaign, adapting it so seamlessly for the MENA region that it felt originally crafted for this audience. Their exceptional expertise in understanding local cultures and consumer behavior made this project a resounding success," said Emily Johnson, Global Head of Marketing at Exxon Mobil.


In summary, MENA Minds' adaptation of Exxon Mobil’s global social media campaign for their Lubricant Business in the MENA region stands as a paradigm of successful localization. It underscores the agency’s ability to understand, adapt, and effectively communicate a brand’s message across varied cultural landscapes. With record-breaking engagement and high praise from Exxon Mobil’s leadership, the campaign serves as a touchstone for how global marketing initiatives can achieve local success when executed with precision and cultural awareness.