Aquafina and Mirinda

MENA Minds Ignites Social Buzz with Influencer-Driven Campaign for Aquafina and Mirinda

In a masterstroke of modern marketing, MENA Minds orchestrated a highly successful influencer campaign exclusively focused on two brands under the Pepsi International umbrella: Aquafina and Mirinda.

Recognizing the potent reach and credibility that influencers wield in today's social-media-centric world, the campaign was strategically designed to amplify brand engagement across multiple digital platforms while connecting with Arab audience in the Middle East.

The Strategy
MENA Minds identified a curated list of influencers, ranging from fitness gurus and health experts for Aquafina to food bloggers and lifestyle enthusiasts for Mirinda. The influencers were from diverse backgrounds and hailed from multiple countries within the Middle East, ensuring that the campaign resonated with a broad audience.

The Execution
For Aquafina, influencers showcased their daily routines emphasizing the importance of hydration, and how Aquafina played an essential role in their active, healthy lifestyles. Short video clips and interactive Instagram stories featuring 'A Day in the Life' segments presented Aquafina as the go-to choice for daily hydration.

Mirinda, on the other hand, was portrayed as the ultimate refreshment during joyous moments. Influencers captured 'Moment of Joy' videos where they were seen enjoying Mirinda during family gatherings, parties, or simply while taking a break from their busy day. Interactive polls and behind-the-scenes reels added a layer of engagement that appealed to the younger audience.

Client Satisfaction
The campaign's metrics were staggering, clocking millions of impressions and leading to a significant uptick in brand engagement and sales for both Aquafina and Mirinda. The client's happiness was palpable, as both brands achieved a level of consumer interaction that far exceeded expectations.

It was clear that MENA Minds had once again demonstrated its unparalleled expertise in tapping into the pulse of the modern consumer, creating a campaign that was both authentic and impactful but also deeply rooted within the regional culture and context.

This high-profile success not only fortified MENA Minds' standing as a leading agency but also ensured a long-lasting relationship with Pepsi International, opening the door for future collaborative endeavours.